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Holger Hermanns is a full professor in computer science at Saarland University in Germany, heading the Dependable Systems and Software group.


From April 2004 to March 2006, Holger Hermanns has served as Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, and has served as its Dean from April 2010 to March 2012. Since then he does his best to serve as Dean of Hearts. A too brief CV is here.

Some Suggestions

Why not watch his recent keynote Power Grid Stability Despite Renewable Instability at ECC 2013?


Or his keynote From Concurrency Models to Numbers: Performance, Dependability, Energy at LIG - Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble?


Or his invited presentation Composition and Concurrency in a Stochastic World at Concur 2010?


Or the lecture series at Marktoberdorf 2010? Or those of Copenhagen 2012?


Or read this article in CACM?


Here is background material for his TACAS invited talk Quantitative Models for a Not So Dumb Grid at ETAPS 2012.


Buy this book. A great gift for every occasion (unless you read it yourself).


Other great gifts include this, this, this, this, and this. And yet another one.

Recent and Upcoming Professional Activities

ETAPS association (vice president)
Academia Europaea (elected member)
Smart Grid (editorial advisory board)
ETAPS (steering committee)
TACAS (steering committee)
QEST (steering committee)
ATVA 2015 (program committee)
FSEN 2015 (program committee)
SETTA 2015 (program committee)
ACSD 2015 (program committee)
TACAS 2015 (program committee)
QAPL 2015 (invited speaker)
Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2014 (keynote speaker)
NWPT 2014 (invited speaker)
MOVEP 2014 (invited tutorial)
1st EATCS Young Researchers School 2014 (invited tutorial)
QEST 2014 (program committee)
CSL-LICS 2014 (program committee)
FOSSACS 2014 (program committee)
QAPL 2014 (program committee)
Modellierung 2014 (program committee)
MMB-DFT 2014 (program committee)
AMPECS 2013 (program comittee)
DCM 2013 (program committee)
DCDS 2013 (program comittee)
HSCC 2013 (program committee)
CONCUR 2013 (program committee)
QAPL 2013 (program committee)
ACSD 2013 (program committee)
ECC 2013 (invited speaker, semi-plenary)
FSEN 2013 (keynote speaker)
LCCC Workshop 2013 (invited speaker)
ESOP 2013 (program committee)
QEST 2012 (program committee co-chair)
FORMATS 2012 (program committee)
SEBUA 12 (keynote speaker)
MCS 12 (invited tutorial)
MEMICS 2012 (program committee)
CompSust 2012 (keynote speaker)
Energieinformatik 2012 (invited speaker)
AVoCS 2012 (program committee)
TACAS 2012 (invited speaker)
Winter School QMC 2012 (invited tutorial)
FESCA 2012 (program committee)
HAS 2012 (keynote speaker)
HSCC 2012 (program committee)
MMB/DFT 2012 (program committee)
Modellierung 2012 (program committee)
FIT 2012 (program committee)
FSTTCS 2011 (program committee)
SEFM 2011 (keynote speaker)
SmartCoDe-ECW 2011 (invited speaker)
ATVA 2011 (program committee)
FORMATS 2011 (program committee)
FESCA 2011 (program committee)
DCDS 2011 (program committee)
HSCC 2011 (program committee)
ETAPS 2011 (organisation committee chair)
Multi-Core Memory Models and Concurrency Theory (co-organiser)
CONCUR 2010 (invited speaker)
Marktoberdorf 2010 (invited lecturer)
DSN 2010 (program committee)
SSS 2010 (program comittee)
CAV 2010 (program committee)
FMICS 2010 (program comittee)
NSMC 2010 (program committee)
QEST 2010 (program committee)
QUOVADIS 2010 (program committee)
FESCA 2010 (program committee)
SOFSEM 2010 (program committee)
Verification over Discrete-Continuous Boundaries (co-organiser)
MMB/DFT 2010 (program committee)
QFM 2009 (keynote speaker)
FMWS 2009 (program committee)
CONCUR 2009 (program committee)
FMICS 2009 (program committee)
QEST 2009 (program committee)
DATE 2009 (program committee)
CAV 2008 (program committee)
FIT 2008 (program committee)
MMB 2008 (program committee)
CAV 2007 (program committee co-chair)
TeaConc 2007 (program committee)
TACAS 2007 (program committee)
EMSOFT 2006 (program committee)
FORMATS 2006 (program committee)
CONCUR 2006 (program committee co-chair)
QEST 2006 (program committee)
TACAS 2006 (program committee co-chair)
MMB 2006 (progam committee)
DEPCOS 2006 (progam committee)
ISAS 2006 (program committee)
FIT 2005 (program committee co-chair)
FORTE 2005 (program committee)
HASE 2005 (program committee)
TACAS 2005 (program committee)
QEST 2005 (program committee)
EPEW 2005 (program committee)
FORTE 2004 (program committee)
CSDUML 2004 (program committee)
EPEW 2004 (program committee)
QEST 2006-2009 (steering committee)

Most of his publications are listed on DBLP or Google scholar.


Address: Saarland University 
 Department of Computer Science 
 Campus Saarbrücken 
  Bldg. E1 3, Room 501 
 66123 Saarbrücken 
Phone: +49 681 302 5631 
Fax: +49 681 302 5636