Ad Hoc Networking

This lecture introduces into the basic concepts of stochastic modelling techniques. As an application of stochastic modelling we will delve into the world of ad-hoc networking.


The first part of the lecture series will introduce the techniques, the second part will apply these techniques to ad-hoc networking problems.


General information

Where: Room SR 014, Building 45

When: Tuesdays, 11-13




Prof. H. Hermanns

Dipl.-Inform. S. Johr


Date   Description Slides Lecturer 
27.4   Overview and Introduction   no slides   Hermanns 
4.5.   Introduction to Probability Theory   pdf   Johr 
11.5.   Introduction to Stochastic Processes and DTMCs   no slides   Hermanns 
18.5.   Properties of DTMCs   no slides   Hermanns 
25.5   Properties of DTMCs, Introduction of CTMCs   no slides   Hermanns 
1.6.   CTMCs, Queueing Models   pdf  Hermanns, Johr 
8.6.   Simulation and GSMPs   pdf  Hermanns 
15.6.   Numerical Solution of Markov Chains , Introduction to MDPs   pdf (Numerical ...)  Johr, Hermanns 

Presentations, Tests, and Grading

To pass this course, the student has to succesfully give a presentation, discussing one ad-hoc network modelling topic listed here. Red highlighted topics are already assigned to students. These presentations take place in the second half of the lecture series.

In addition to the presentation, a few small ad-hoc tests will be written in the beginning of some lectures.The dates of these tests will not be announced beforehand.

Each ad-hoc  tests consists of two short questions of medium difficulty. Your final grading will be decided in the following manner. At least 25% of the question in the tests have to be answered correctly. The overall grading depends on the grading of your talk (60%) and on the grading of the tests (40%).

Preliminary schedule

Data Topics Speaker Slides 
June 29 Performance of Collision Avoidance Protocols in Single-Channel Ad Hoc Networks Christian Hümbert pdf 
July 6  A Performance Comparison Between Ad Hoc and Centrally Controlled CDMA Wireless LANs Stephan Zimmer pdf 
 Cost-Optimization of the IPv4 Zeroconf Protocol Mohammad Alrifai pdf 
July 13 Dynamic Power Management Based on Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes Eyad Alkassar 
 Markov analysis of the PRMA protocol for local wireless networks Frank Werner pdf 
 An integrated mobility and traffic model for resource allocation in wireless networks Andreas Gross 
July 20 Energy efficiency of TCP in a local wireless environment Mansoor Jafry pdf 
 Blocking in large mobile cellular networks with bursty traffic Klaus Leibenguth