Overview of the seminar
Time and location
The Schedule
Software Horror Stories

Overview of the seminar

Software projects fail. More often, it seems, than other kinds of projects. In this Proseminar, students are going to explore their favourite failed software project and try to understand the reasons why it has failed.


More information (concerning the last edition in winter 2004/2005) is available in German.

Time and location

When: Monday 14:15-16:00

Start: May 9

Where: room 306 of building 36.1

The Schedule

Date Topic Presenter Contact 
09.05.05 Vancouver Stock Exchange Index, 1983 Matthias Boehme Zhang 
 Mars Climate Orbiters Loss, 1999 Rainer Jochem Johr 
23.05.05 Ariane 5 Rocket Explosion, 1996 Maël Hörz Pulungan 
 Therac-25 Accidents, 1987 Christian Karriger Zhang 
30.05.05 AT&T Long Distance Service Fail, 1990 Nicolas Bettenburg Johr 
 Patriot Missile Failure, 1991 Patrick Jungblut Pulungan 
06.06.05 Chinook Helicopter Crash, 1994 Manuel Gorius Zhang 
 Denver Airport Baggage Handling Failure, 1995 Marco Stadtmüller Johr 
20.06.05 Mars Pathfinder Reset, 1997 Sven Gehring  Pulungan 
 The Sinking of Sleipner A Offshore Platform, 1991 Heiko Jenal Zhang 
27.06.05 Airbus Crash in Warsaw, 1993 Thorsten Schanno Hermanns 
 Railway Signal Box Failure in Hamburg-Altona, 1995 Siarhei Kandratau Johr 
04.07.05 The Crash of Lauda Air, 1982 Sebastian Zimmer Hermanns 
 Pentium Bug Berhard Grün Pulungan 


There is a contact-partner for every 'Horror Story' (see above). You must discuss your slides with your contact-partner at least one week before your presentation. You should have all slides finished (powerpoint material or similar respectively) at that time. If there is uncertainty about the structure, you should appear absolutely earlier.


You must hand up a four-pages-composition about the 'Horror Story' at the latest two weeks after your presentation.


Here you can test the "Course Management System".


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Hermanns


Dipl.-Inform. Lijun Zhang


Stuff concerning the second part of the seminar can be found on the website of the book 'Concurrency: State Models & Java Programs'.

Software Horror Stories

Vancouver Stock Exchange Index, 1983
Mars Climate Orbiters Loss, 1999
Ariane 5 Rocket Explosion, 1996
Therac-25 Accidents, 1987
AT&T Long Distance Service Fail, 1990
Patriot Missile Failure, 1991
Chinook Helicopter Crash, 1994
Denver Airport Baggage Handling Failure, 1995
Mars Pathfinder Reset, 1997
The Sinking of Sleipner A Offshore Platform, 1991
Airbus Crash in Warsaw, 1993
Railway Signal Box Failure in Hamburg-Altona, 1995
The Crash of Lauda Air, 1982