Dependable Systems and Software

The ever accelerating trend towards sophisticated computing systems pervades application areas where computing services need to function with great reliance. Automotive, avionics, and energy production are typical industrial sectors where different or multiple properties of such services – e.g., availability, performance, real-time response, ability to avoid catastrophic failures, prevention of deliberate privacy intrusions – are crucial.

The chair for Dependable Systems and Software at Saarland University conducts research and teaching in the area of Dependability.

A system is dependable
if reliance can justifiably be placed on
the service it delivers.

Dependability thus includes as special cases such attributes as reliability, availability, safety, security. The design of dependable systems and software asks for strong modelling and analysis methods for design-time prediction of dependability attributes. To this end the chair covers the area of formal verification, quantitative modelling, and distributed system design in a unified research and teaching structure.

Latest News

Busy Beaver Award goes to d once again

The 2019 edition of our lecture Nebenläufige Programmierung received the Busy Beaver award for outstanding teaching performance.

Best Paper Award for Doping Tests for Cyber-Physical Systems

Our work on doping tests for cyber-physical systems wins the best paper award at QEST 2019.

Pearls we are!

Our module “Ethics for Nerds” has been declared Hochschulperle des Monats by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

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Perspicuous Computing in focus of new CRC

The DFG establishes a new Transregional Collaborative Research Centre on Perspicuous Computing, CRC 248, joining Saarbrücken and Dresden.

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SENSATION in Acta Astronautica

The major scientific journal for spacewomen and spacemen publishes our earth-orbiting work rooted in the European Project SENSATION.

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