The research directions of the chair all share a practical dimension: Without tool support they remain in the ivory tower. We are busy developing improved model checkers for stochastic systems.


A lot of the effort is devoted to a tool environment for the language Modest. We are proud of our, supporting model checking of probabilistic timed systems as well as discrete event simulation.

With development starting in 2014, is a web application designed for first hands-on experiences with CCS and with concurrent programming patterns. It serves as an interactive platform for students of our concurrent programming lecture. In addition to being a CCS editor and LTS viewer with integrated semantic tools like minimization, is the hub for our tools related to pseuCo, an academic programming language designed to teach concurrent programming. PseuCo features a heavily simplified Java-like look and feel. It supports shared-memory as well as message-passing concurrent programming primitives, the latter being inspired by the Go programming language.

For more information, visit or read our paper on Teaching Academic Concurrency to Amazing Students.

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