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Pearls we are!

Our module “Ethics for Nerds” has been declared Hochschulperle des Monats by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

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Perspicuous Computing in focus of new CRC

The DFG establishes a new Transregional Collaborative Research Centre on Perspicuous Computing, CRC 248, joining Saarbrücken and Dresden.

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SENSATION in Acta Astronautica

The major scientific journal for spacewomen and spacemen publishes our earth-orbiting work rooted in the European Project SENSATION.

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Award: “Ausgezeichneter Ort im Land der Ideen”

We are “Ausgezeichneter Ort im Land der Ideen” 2018.

Best Paper Award for Markov Automata on Discount

Our discounted work on Markov automata wins the best paper award at MMB 2018.

Best Paper Award for Alternating Bisimulation

Our work on alternating bisimulation for interval Markov decision processes wins the best paper award at SETTA 2017.

Busy Beaver Award goes to d again

The 2017 edition of our lecture Nebenläufige Programmierung receives the award for outstanding teaching performance Busy Beaver.

Draisine 200.0 goes public

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Karl Drais’ Laufmaschine we have developed an electrified version thereof, the Draisine 200.0. Electrifying!

Best Paper Award for Battery-Aware Scheduling

Our work on battery-aware scheduling for nano satellites wins the best paper award at FM 2016.

ERC Advanced Grant POWVER

Prof. Holger Hermanns has been awarded the ERC Advanced Grant POWVER. A huge investment in the right kind of science. Read more about Power to the people. Verified.