This Proseminar addresses Bachelor Students in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, CuK or Computerlinguistics, who have passed the Basic Lecture Programming 1.


Eine erste Besprechung findet am kommenden Montag (24) um 16:00 in E1 3, Hoersaal II statt.

Overview of the seminar

Component-based design is widely considered as a major approach to develop systems in a time and cost effective way. Central in this approach is the notion of an interface. Interfaces summarize the externally visible properties of a component and are seen as a key to achieve component interoperability and to predict global system behavior based on the component behavior.


This Proseminar will discuss various aspects of interface technology to capture the intricacy of complex software products. Interfaces do not only specify syntactic properties, such as the signatures of methods and operations, but also take into account behavioral and extra-functional properties, such as quality of service, security and dependability. Wir will learn to understand, if and how interfaces enable the prediction of system properties from those of their components.



More information is available in German.




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