Submitted: November 2022


LolaDrives is an app developed for conducting Real-Driving-Emission tests for cars in the wild. The process in principle is simple: Plug a bluetooth adapter into the OBD-II port present in the car, open the LolaDrives app and conduct a test drive in real traffic according to the instructions given by the app. If all goes well, the user will be presented with the test results, such as the amount of NOx in mg per km. The LolaDrives app developed at the chair is already available in the Android app store. This thesis extends the app availability by developing an iOS version. The app development is not a trivial mapping from Android to iOS. The GUI and functionalities for Android and iOS are similar, but the iOS version needs anyhow to be developed mostly from scratch. It is challenging in ways like adapting to the declarative syntax in SwiftUI, importing and combining libraries that are written in the languages of Objective-C, Kotlin, Rust and Swift. The thesis follows the order of introduction to definitions, app appearance and functionalities, app development and difficulties and problems.