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FlowSim Simulation Benchmarking Platform

FlowSim is used to measure the resources needed to find the maximal simulation relation (currently only strong simulation, will be extended to weak simulation) for a model under different optimizations. The results can be printed in plain text, in LaTeX table format or exported as a gnuplot script and data file. The benchmark tool can also automatically generate randomized models to study the behavior of the algorithm in a generalized fashion.

Download and Installation

To obtain FlowSim, please use this download form. The selected distribution will be emailed to you. Please note that FlowSim is distributed under the terms of the GPL license. A copy of the license is included in the download. To prevent abuse, your IP address will be logged.

Note: Accompanying files such as example models and shell scripts demonstrating tool usage can be downloaded directly by clicking here.


Once you have unzipped the source package, change to the flowsim_XXX/src directory and type make to compile FlowSim and accompanying tools. In order to compile FlowSim, Boost 1.18.0 or higher must be installed on your system (ideally, the latest version should be installed). Once compilation finishes, the individual binaries may be executed in place.


There in no installation routine; once you have unzipped the binaries package or compiled FlowSim from source, you can run the tools in place. If you wish, you can copy the executables to your bin directory (~/bin as normal user or /usr/bin as root to make FlowSim available system-wide). Note that the flowsim executable depends on the benchone_* executables, which must reside in the same directory as flowsim in order for FlowSim to work. r-dtmc, r-mdp and modelstat are not required by flowsim and may or may not be copied depending on your needs.


FlowSim was developed by Jonathan Bogdoll, Holger Hermanns and Lijun Zhang.


For questions, comments and support requests regarding FlowSim, please contact "bogdoll [at] cs [dot] uni [minus] saarland [dot] de" or "zhang [at] cs [dot] uni [minus] saarland [dot] de".

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