I am a philosopher and computer scientist and am passionate about all kinds of topics in the field now known under the buzzword “Responsible AI”.

I no longer work at Saarland University, but I will always be associated with Prof. Holger Hermanns’ group for Dependable Systems, if only because of the lecture Ethics for Nerds and our research project Explainable Intelligent Systems. But I also remain an associate member of the Transregional Collaborative Research Center 248 “Foundations of Perspicuous Software Systems” better known as the Center for Perspicuous Computing (CPEC).

My new home is at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligen (DFKI). There I am deputy head of the research department of Prof. Verena Wolf for Neuro-Mechanistic Modeling, but above all I am also head of the new Center for European Research in Trusted AI (CERTAIN).


For now, check my publications, talks, and presentation here.


Go and have a look at my non-institutional website.

Mails always reach me via academia@kevinbaum.de, no matter where I’m going!