I am a Ph.D student at the chair of Holger Hermanns since summer 2007. My fields of interests are the semantics of concurrent systems and computer science education.


I investigate models of concurrency involving interaction, non-determinism and both discrete and continuous Markovian behaviour. I am as well interested in the analysis and verification of such models. My PhD work focuses on the semantics of Markov Auomata, a models incorporating interactive, non-deterministic and both discrete and continuous Markovian behaviour. supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the graduate school “Leistungsgarantien für Rechnersysteme”.


I pursue a constructivists’ approach to teaching, that postulates that every learner has to construct for himself a unique model of what he wants to learn and that this construction process is highly individual. Two differerent people will never construct exactly the same model of the same thing.

“You cannot teach people, you can only guide them towards valueable constructions.”

In my teaching practice, I focus on teaching methods that provoke students’ active thinking, stimulate creative approaches and let them engage in matters instead of indulging in mere consumption.

Award Winning Teaching

For our course Concurrent Programming Holger Hermanns and I have been awarded the Preis des Fakultätentags 2013 by the association of computer science faculties of German universities.

Already in 2010, we received the students’ teaching award (busy beaver award) for the outstanding pedagical concepts of this course.

More details about this course and the programming language pseuco can be found at www.pseuco.de

Teaching Experience

  • Co-Instructor Concurrent Programming (WS 07/08, SS 08, SS 09, SS10, SS 11, SS 12, SS 13) with Holger Hermanns. See here for further information.
  • Instructor Mathematical Prepatory Course (WS 11/12, SS 12, WS 12/13, SS 13, WS 13/14). Contact me for further information and material.
  • Co-Instructor Concurrency Theory (Seminar, WS 07/08)
  • Instructor Tutors’ Training Course (WS 07/08, WS 11/12)
  • Assistent Programming 1 (WS 07/08, WS 11/12)


Whenever you feel like getting in touch with me, come and see me in

Room 511.1
Building E1.3
Phone 0049-681/302-5624

or send an e-mail to eisentraut@cs.uni-sb.de.


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