Dr. Andreas Schmidt leads the Dependable System Software group at the chair for Dependable Systems and Software since 2022.

Dependable System Software


We are broadly interested in engineering software for cyber-physical systems—which means we look into non-functional properties such as dependability, as well as latency- and energy-awareness. This work mostly happens at the intersection of programming/software engineering with networking and operating systems.


Our main activity is offering Hands-On Dependability (HOD), a practical course to introduce students to two things: a) foundations of dependable systems and software as well as b) the Rust programming language. In Winter Semester 2022/23, HOD won the Busy Beaver Award for outstanding teaching performance. We further support the Space Informatics courses—looking particularly at the system software in this domain (network protocols, infrastructure code).


Andreas Schmidt organizes and speaks at the Rust-Saar meetup, fostering the exchange with practitioners.

Group Members


  • Aaron Bies

We are looking for student researchers and have open thesis topics.


Address: Campus Saarbrücken, 66123 Saarbrücken
Location: Bldg. E1 3, Room 512
E-mail: schmidt@depend.uni-saarland.de