I am at the chair of Prof. Holger Hermanns since July 2019. Together with him and Kevin Baum, I lecture »Ethics for Nerds«, where we teach relevant aspects of philosophy and ethics to computer scientists. I also am a PhD student of philosophy working on the trustworthiness of artificial systems.

I received my B.Sc. in computer science in 2017 and an M.A. in philosophy in 2019, both of them from Saarland University. As a visiting student, I also spent some time at the University of Luxembourg and the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Teaching Experience


Teaching Assistant

Student TA

  • »Ethics for Nerds« (by Prof. Holger Hermanns and Kevin Baum), Advanced Lecture, Summer Term 2016
  • »Einführung in die Theoretische Informatik« (Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science), Basic Course, Winter Term 2015/16
  • »Programmierung 1« (Programming 1), Basic Course, Winter Term 2014/15


Address: Campus Saarbrücken, 66123 Saarbrücken
Location: Bldg. E1 3, Room 511.2
E-mail: sterz@depend.uni-saarland.de